Paul, Joel and Liz at the event

Sea2Soil’s Regenerative Farming Event with Expert Plant & Soil Health Educator Joel Williams

With the next generation of farmers starting to manage their family farms, the challenges of climate change and the cost of fertilisers rapidly increasing, regenerative farming practices are becoming a key focus within the industry. 

British farmers now want to find out more about using natural products to support their growth, the quality of their produce and the future of the UK farming industry in a sustainable and cost-effective way. 

For that reason, we hosted an exciting event featuring expert independent plant and soil health educator Joel Williams on 10th November 2023 to provide more information on regenerative farming practices, soil management and plant nutrition. 

This was followed by a farmer panel discussion, a talk from event host, Paul Davey, and an eye-opening field walk to see what can be achieved with this modern, eco-friendly approach to agriculture. Paul Davey is a brand ambassador for Sea2Soil and runs Girsby Farm Services Ltd, an agricultural contractor with a strong interest in conservation and regenerative farming.

Our collaboration with Joel Williams

It was great to be at an event where we all have similar goals and ambitions for our respective businesses and hearing Joel Williams to speak at the event emphasised how much we share the same vision.

At Sea2Soil, we are the UKs first fish hydrolysate to be approved by the Soil Association. Proved to improve your soil and promote natural, sustainable growth, this product is created using responsibly sourced fish by-products. Containing a full range of naturally balanced amino acids, fatty acids and a comprehensive range of macro and micronutrients, it helps improve plant and soil health, increase yields, and improve ROI whilst reducing the reliance on synthetic products. 

Joel Williams is an expert in this field, providing lectures, workshops, and consultation across the world on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches to sustainable food production. 

With extensive practical experience in Australia, UK, and Canada, he is passionate about integrating soil and plant analyses as a joined-up strategy for managing farming production and is considered a pioneer in the sustainable farming field. 

Find out more about his work here

What happened during the Sea2Soil event?

The Sea2Soil event on 10th November 2023 was considered by many to be the most insightful event of the year because of the urgent need for education on regenerative, budget-friendly farming practices. 

The event started with a lecture from Joel covering the general approach to regenerative farming practices including soil management and plant nutrition, then fed into a talk from event host, Paul Davey. 

He explained why he uses the Sea2Soil product, how long he’s been using it and the significant benefits he has seen from using this eco-friendly product. 

After a farmer panel discussion and delicious lunch, the attendees enjoyed a guided field walk on Paul’s land to demonstrate how effective this natural product is. 

Who attended the Sea2Soil event?

We were pleased to welcome a wide variety of farmers, agronomists, and journalists from across the UK to the event last November. 

This included forward-thinking, sustainably minded, cost-focused farmers from across the UK. Some were existing customers for the Sea2Soil product and long-term supporters. Others were potential customers who wanted to learn more about this innovative product and how it can support their ambitions for adopting regenerative farming practices. 

We were also pleased to welcome a representative from Farmer’s Weekly and agronomists looking for unbiased, factual information on the topic. 


We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who attended the event. 

This includes our generous event host, Paul Davey, expert lecturer Joel Williams and everyone who came along to discover the outstanding benefits of regenerative farming. 

The expert insights we gained from Joel Williams, the field walk and the interesting conversations between like-minded farmers and agronomists created great networking opportunities and were certainly the highlights of the day. 

Would you like to know more about how our Sea2Soil product can transform your business, enhance sustainability, and produce better crops without costing the earth?

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